Scott Taylor

Councilmember At-Large 6th District

Scott TaylorScott Tayor has been the Chair of the first ever KCMO City Council Small Business Committee.  He has advocated strong support for  small “mom and pop” businesses that anchor neighborhoods all over the City.   He held 17 hearings in all parts of the City  with the Small Business Committee  to identify and implement over 60 small business changes to make it easier for small  businesses to create jobs in all parts of Kansas City.   Many of these hearings were held in small businesses on Monday nights such as Alpha Energy  at 34th and Troost.  He championed  the establishment of a new microloan program in 2012 to allow those small family owned businesses that were having a difficult time securing small loans East of Troost so they could get a business loan and start a business.    Today 154 loans have been made under this program within the limits of Kansas City and 51% of these loans have been made East of Troost. This has brought hope to many families to allow them to start a business and create jobs.