Our Leadership

Freedom, Incorporated is governed by a leadership team consisting of the Office of the President and a Board of Directors.

Office of the President:

  • Rodney Bland


Board of Directors:

  • Kenneth Bacchus
  • Bruce Beatty
  • Rodney Bland
  • Keith Brown
  • Richard Brown
  • Melissa Patterson Hazley
  • DaRon McGee
  • Randy Dunn
  • Darrell Curls
  • Mark Sharp
  • Bishop James Tindall
  • Barbara Anne Washington


Chairwoman of the Board of Directors:

  • Gail McCann Beatty


Legal Counsel to the Board of Directors:

  • Clinton Adams, Jr., Esquire 


Campaign Committee:

  • Rodney Bland, Campaign Coordinator
  • Keith Brown
  • Keith Thomas
  • Bishop James Tindall
  • Carol Graves
  • Phyllis Browner
  • Rep. DaRon McGee
  • Rep. Gail Beatty
  • Dr. Melissa Patterson Hazley


Membership Committee:

  • Darrell Curls, Chair
  • Elbert Anderson
  • Dr. Karen Curls
  • Michael Hughes
  • Archie Welch

Nominating Committees:


Education Candidates and Ballot Issues:

  • Dr. Karen Curls, Chair
  • Pamela Bland
  • Melissa Patterson Hazley
  • Debra Scott


Community Engagement:

  • Keith Brown, Chair
  • Bill Kimble
  • Melba Curls


City and County Candidates and Ballot Issues:

  • Rodney Bland, Chair
  • Keith Brown
  • Keith Thomas
  • Bishop James Tindall, Sr.
  • Phyllis Woodson
  • Alternate: Kenneth Bacchus


State and National Candidates and Ballot Issues:

  • Kenneth Bacchus, Chair
  • Gail Beatty
  • Craig Bland
  • Shalonn Curls
  • Randy Dunn
  • Alternate: Bishop James Tindall, Sr.