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                                                                                                                                Volume 10 / Issue 1
                                                 Serving Kansas City Since 1962


                                                                                                                           E N D O R S E D

                           The e-Tax is noT a new Tax – it has been in place in Kansas City for over

                         fifty years. A “yes” voTe on QuesTion 1 will renew the tax at its current rate
                               of 1% for another five years – wiThouT raising anyone’s Taxes!

                            voTe “yes” To renew The earnings Tax for a

                        safe, clean, working, and Thriving kansas ciTy!

                                                                endorsed By:

                        Lucas             1st District   2nd District       3rd District      4th District     5th District  5th District
                                          Councilman     Councilwoman       Councilwoman      Councilwoman     Councilman    Councilwoman
                                          Kevin O’Neill  Teresa Loar        Melissa Robinson  Katheryn Shields  Lee Barnes   Ryana Parks-Shaw

                            Vote FReeDoM’s BALLot!  tuesDAy, ApRiL 6, 2021

         Paid for by Freedom, Inc. Bruce Beatty, Treasurer.
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